VR Bike ride tour for

Reed's Crossing Community


Our team recently completed a significant VR experience for Newland Communities and the new Reed’s Crossing “master-planned” community in Southern Hillsboro.

    We discovered

    The Need


     Their team needed an innovative way to help sell the future vision of their community to prospective home buyers. After some creative brainstorming sessions, our team pitched the idea of a virtual reality bike ride through the future greenway of Reed’s Crossing community.

    the solution

    Added Value to Their Marketing Efforts

    The idea was a hit, and the project has come together better than we could have imagined. We have built a VR experience that uses a real, physically mounted bike that a user can ride. Once on the bike, the user dons the VR HMD and then begins peddling the bike to move forward in the digital world.

    This experience created excitement for the prospective homebuyers about their future community - giving an embodied sense of what it would be like to bike through the neighborhood in a way that nothing else could replicate.


    This is one of the first times this specific technology has been used in a commercial/promotional experience and is helping further Reed’s Crossing brand goal of being innovative while creating a whole new level of user engagement.

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